The Montel Mobile app for iPhone is upgraded to provide access to real-time prices anywhere, any time. 

Please contact for real-time price access and information about fees.

The Montel Mobile app features market-moving news, as well as price data across the commodities available on Montel Online, including spot prices from European power exchanges.

The app features a one-year history in graphics for all available contracts, as well as a full screen “candlestick” charting.

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Customise your own Montel Mobile page with specific contracts, or go to any of our ready-made commodity views to get the full range of data and graphics.

Once you have downloaded the Montel Mobile app, you must register to get full access to all available content and functionality. Please note that you will have to create a user on Montel Mobile in addition to your existing user-account on Montel Online.

For questions and comments, please contact

10:35, Thursday, 9 October 2014

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