UK's Hinkley Point project "close to collapse"
(Montel) The UK’s Hinkley Point nuclear reactor project is on the verge of collapse but neither French utility EDF nor the British government want to be the first to admit defeat and shoulder the blame, opponents have told Montel.
It is increasingly unlikely that EDF’s plan to build two 1,600 MW reactors at the plant in south-west England will ever be realised, said Paul Dorfman of the Energy Institute of University College London, who is leading a campaign against the project. 

“What does it take to kill this project? How much more can go wrong?” said opponent Steve Thomas, professor of energy policy at the UK’s University of Greenwich business school.

Last week, the utility announced a new delay to the planned start-up date of the European pressurised reactor (EPR) – which is of the same type planned for Hinkley – it is building at Flamanville in France amid safety concerns and raised its estimated completion cost by EUR 2bn to EUR 10.5bn.

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Reporting by:
Chris Eales
13:25, Monday, 7 September 2015

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