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KYOS is a Dutch-based energy consultancy and software firm providing services to support decisions in energy trading, investments and risk management. 
KYOS offers specialist solutions for power plants, gas storage assets and gas swing contracts, which are all embedded in the KYOS Analytical Platform. This platform also acts as a portfolio and risk management system for both suppliers and end users. All software solutions can be delivered with a direct Montel-feed containing all relevant settlement prices. A thorough quantitative approach is central to KYOS’ applications.

Based on Montel price data, KYOS publishes arbitrage-free forward curves. An advanced mathematical approach is applied to shape settlement prices into an hourly, daily or monthly granularity. The price curves are made available on, but also on Montel Online.

Nieuwe Gracht 49
2011 ND Haarlem
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)23 55 10 221

19:11, Tuesday, 12 November 2013

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