Montel - Who we are
Montel is a key information provider for the European energy markets, specialising in independent market-moving news, data and analysis, which is accurate, balanced and indispensable to professionals in the sector.

Backed by our extensive portfolio of real-time prices, fundamental data, technical analysis and weather forecasting services, our team of experienced reporters brings subscribers the latest developments affecting the European and global energy markets.

Montel in brief
- has covered Nordic and European electricity and energy markets since the early 1990s
- is a key reference for energy market professionals in more than 30 countries
- has 4,500 weekly users from more than 850 companies
- HQ in Oslo, and has offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Ljubljana, Madrid, Munich, New York, Paris, Stockholm and Szczecin
- Get a full overview of where our reporters and sales teams are located

Montel companies
- Montel Energetika.NET
- Montel-Foreks
- price[it]
- Montel TradeNode
- Data Fabricator (minority stake)

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Montel energy calendar
23-24 August, Oslo
7 September, Copenhagen
14 September, Tirana
14-15 September, Copenhagen
18-20 September, London
18-20 September, Helsinki
21 September, Vienna
25-26 September, Barcelona
8-10 October, Rome
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