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Promote your company exclusively to the European and Nordic energy markets by placing your ad in the Montel Magazine or one of the Montel Newsletters. 

Montel Magazine
With subscribers in 25 ­countries, the magazine will keep you abreast of the most important trends and developments in the energy industry, which is why it is read by key regional policymakers, analysts and traders. 

- 5,600 readers of each issue 
- Issued three times a year

Our subscribers
- 75% of our readers think our advertisements are relevant and interesting.
- 54% of our readers are decision makers or managers
- 100% of the subscribers work directly in the energy market  
- Read by regional policymakers, analyst and traders
Source: Montel Reader Survey, Aug-Sep 2012

Distributed at all Montel events and the largest energy fairs in Europe, 
including E-world and EMART Energy

Montel Newsletters
Montel publishes newsletters in Swedish (fortnightly) and Norwegian (weekly), providing an overview of the latest developments in the Nordic electricity market. 

With more than 420 subscribers in Norway and Sweden, Montel  Newsletters are a great way to reach potential new colleagues with a job advert, or get an important message across to other players in the market.

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